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Development Of A Preborn

Diary Of A Preborn

Letters From Women

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    (Girl talking to herself)  
  GIRL: I wonder how many women go into that drugstore every day as frightened as I am today? I wonder how many women buy two home pregnancy tests... just to be sure they know what's going on? What am I going to do if this turns out positive? I'll just die!

"Dear Lord, please don't let me be pregnant!"

(The stick turns blue)

OOOOHHHHH....Oohhhh Noooo!!! Just as I feared... I AM pregnant!

Me... with a baby inside of me! No way... w
hat can I do? I've got to get control of myself. (crying) Ohhh no... this is too much!! Let me think... God, help me to think! Who can I call... who should I call first?

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