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Got GAME 2™?

Try the new online computer game which places the players in real life situations where they can choose from a variety of computer images who they wish to be and what they wish to do. Topics include Dating, Romance, Drugs, Pregnancy and much more.

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Our Interactive Online Computer Game

  • Entertains
  • Allows complete freedom
  • You work through the consequences
  • You choose what you want
  • You make the decisions
  • Internet sites will link you to exciting and informative web sites
  • Meet or ignore an Angel and/or a Demon
  • Listen to or ignore advice based on the Holy Scripture

For every choice made, the player experiences consequences. Along the way they meet an angel and a demon. The angel teaches scriptures and tries to inspire a choice that God would be pleased with and the demon tempts the player to do the opposite. At any time the angel and the demon can be ignored, just as we can ignore those who give advice whether it is spiritual, physical or emotional.

All proceeds from the sale of Got Game 2™ will be used to operate Several Sources shelters for mothers, babies and inner city poor, some of whom are HIV+. For further information about Several Sources Foundation, visit our web sites www.lifecall.org and www.helpthepoor.org. Got Game 2™ is based on the real life experiences of young mothers who have lived at the Several Sources shelters. Under the direction and leadership of Kathy DiFiore, Several Sources Founder, over 100 young people have helped to write the game scripts.

What people are saying about Got Game 2™...

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"Got Game 2 enables the young to explore, in the computer environment they know so well, what the Holy Father speaks about so often: the essential link between freedom and truth."  

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

Click here to view website "The Non Denominational Version of "Got Game 2" should be the most important addition to any Chrisitan Youth activity. What a blessed way to teach young people the values of a Christian Lifestyle over the ways of the world!!!"

Rev. Johnny M. Hunter, National Director L.E.A.R.N., Inc.

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